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OK, so my friend Tina and I were talking about the upcoming end of the Bartlet presidency and the beginning of either a Santos or a Vinick administration, and whether the show would continue beyond inauguration and how the show would feel like a whole different series with a new staff in the White House - or not so much like a whole new series, as like a spin-off - like CSI: Miami, or Stargate: Atlantis, and then if hit me:

if we're going to have one West Wing spin-off, why can't we have two?

Why not have one series exploring where America goes with Santos at the helm, and one with Vinick? For the first couple seasons they'd be dealing with pretty much the same stuff and we'd see their differences in how they handle each crisis, but eventually the world would wind up being a completely different place from one series to the other.

Frankly folks, I think this is the best shot we've got. Santos has been set up as a character just a little bit too much to lose outright, but this way we could have our cake and eat it too.
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